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The Minds of the Unbroken

Exhibit Runs Through December 29, 2022

Indomitable: Minds of the Unbroken, explores the intersection of fine art and mental health. It highlights the therapeutic power of the creative process that can address physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Our six (6) artists memorialize their experiences through a variety of mediums that shares moving portrayals of trauma leading to triumph through their pieces. We, as a society, are not comfortable discussing mental health issues or their ramifications. This exhibition is about artists who have used art to mentally thrive and survive resolutely.


Arts can play a role in both encouraging positive self-expression and guiding effective therapeutic promotion. This exhibition includes a variety of techniques and forms rooted in traditional craft materials. The artists explore unexpected relationships between craft and painting, sculpture, conceptual, and installation art. As you move through the exhibition, hopefully, you can make meaningful connections between the ideas that these artists are sharing and experiences in your own life. Perhaps this will lead us one step closer to bringing these important issues out into the light.


Mental health is the cornerstone of healthy relationships, accurate self-reflection, and self-worth as well as a powerful coping mechanism.  Not to be misconstrued with weakness or frailty but strength. Anytime we are giving in to extreme emotions spurred on by outside sources we are giving that source power. Whether it is in the name of love or in the name of anger our agency should generate from us a deep understanding of how our emotions interact without the outside world.

Minorities are known for their excellence in the creative space, everything from dance to music. This exhibition is about artists who have used art to mentally thrive and survive resolutely. From a war veteran to a doctor of medicine, art has transformed these artists. We are pleased you decided to join us as we explore the benefits of creative art therapy through the eyes of these Indomitable Artists.

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Priví Art Gallery

Our Culture. Our Canvas.

The Priví Art Gallery is an educational and cultural institution, whose exhibits and programs are designed to enable our patrons to gain insight into themselves and others, through the medium of original works of art, mixed media displays, photography, and other creative interpretations.


Our mission is to help build a generational transfer of culture and wealth through the process of art collection. With the mantra of "our culture, our canvas", our exhibitions are designed to provide broader exposure to national and global artists with stories to tell, for the enjoyment and learning of a diverse constituency while providing education and their perspectives of the arts, historical culture, societal progressions, and our cultural truths.


Our innovative and inspiring programs include monthly educational symposiums, artist talks, and amazing public events, designed to expand others to the world of collecting, and appreciating artistic creations and the perpetual expansion of artistic literacy... within our community.

Meet the Visionaries

Vaughn D. Irons

Gallery Founder & Principal Director

"We must be about the work of creating community.  The arts share stories and experiences that connect people to a place that stimulates culture."

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Nicole Maurice


"I curated this show to reflect legacy in its purest form, not for ego and not puffed up in pride, but for the benefit of the future that intersects with the past."


Exhibit Sponsors

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