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Dane Brown

Dane Brown is a multidisciplinary artist who uses his art to focus on black culture and identity. As an animation student at the Academy of Art University in 2010, he learned various art mediums ranging from traditional drawing, to digital mediums, and even sculpture. This sparked his interest in creativity in all forms from the digital mediums (such as photo- manipulation, illustration, and animation), to more traditional ones (drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, and woodworking). This also includes using various materials such as wood, glass, resin, paper, and fabrics, all with the purpose of telling a specific story.


The choice of his current subject matter started in 2015 after a near breakdown following the killings of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown. That along with what at the time seemed like a lack of honest black representation he started to focus on black identity. As the culture has shifted since then, his work has also shifted from black pain to other forms of black identity. Taking from the questions he has for himself as a Jamaican-born child raised in America since a young age, he uses his art to explore exactly what it means to be black.

Artistic Statement

My journey into the artistic process began with his interest in replicating the characters of his favorite comic book characters. I now receive my inspiration from the world around him, and the ideas built around culture and society. Whether it is a family portrait; a conceptually driven short film; or an artistic interpretation of the world, my art is characterized by a rugged richness and unspoken depth that tells a deeper story in all of my compositions.


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