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Account Director

Ramega, maternally has an island influence from Barbados and paternally Cherokee Indian. Originally, Ramega is from the Bronx, New York, and was raised in Long Island, NY. New York City is filled with graffiti, a representation of one of the elements of his artistic skills and culture; High infinite power, Healing our people. “Your art is your reflection of yourself. So, it is imperative to be the best version of yourself every time.”

Artistic could have been his middle name due to his techniques of splashing paint on wood/canvas which is gracefully executed and supreme. I have always had a passion for sharing a glimpse of my 360-cycle culture creatively. I aim for balance and trust my intuition to speak to me during the creation process. In the early years of my artistry, I focused more on smaller pieces that gained my notoriety and later advanced to larger pieces on a much larger scale. Relocating to Atlanta, with the goals of planting my seeds and working with talented artists, was one of my visions. The journey here in Atlanta has been nonstop as a public artist.

I have several public works and art commissions that I have assisted and collaborated with other artists; The East Atlanta Library Project (reconstructed 2004 artwork for a newly renovated space in 2020), McKinsey & Company (17.5 ft. hanging art installation over stairwell with ConsultArt), Publix Greenwise Market (8’ x 8’ wall assemblage in Marietta, GA), and Baha Mar Convention Center (permanent art installation in Baha Mar Gallery and Art Center in Nassau, Bahamas).


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