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SummerOf Peace


Privi at Stonecrest Mall

Violence Prevention Fridays

Free Weekly Youth Program
& Outdoor Concert Series

“The Summer of Peace Violence Prevention Fridays" is a community-driven effort aimed at promoting peace and safety in our community while providing a fun and engaging environment for youth and their families. The five (5) week initiative will begin July 5 and occur each Friday through August 2, 2024 at the newly opened Priví at Stonecrest Mall. The series will feature multiple activities and workshops that draw attention to the causes and potential solutions to youth violence. It will also include a free outdoor concert series with food live music performances, food vendors, and activities.

Summer of Peace
Youth Program

The Summer of Peace Program is specifically designed to address violence prevention through a variety of engaging and educational activities. Activities include violence prevention training, multi-media painting workshops, self-defense classes, podcasting, radio broadcasting, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to engage your children in a summer filled with learning, creativity, and community building. Register now to secure their spot in the "Summer of Peace" Youth Program. Space is limited.


Family Reunion Fridays

Join us for Family Reunion Fridays, a weekly free outdoor summer concert series held at Privi in Parking Lot 1C. Enjoy an evening of great music, engaging activities, diverse vendors, and valuable resources. Family Reunion Fridays is a perfect opportunity to come together, have fun, and promote peace in our community. Don't miss out on this exciting weekly event!

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